At GCPY We specialise in prenatal , postnatal and mums and bubs yoga providing a nurturing experience for mother and baby.

The prenatal yoga offers a safe and effective program, including active birthing postures, relief from back pain, alignment of the spine, breathing exercises, deep relaxation and a deepening connection between mother and baby.

Mums and Bubs yoga focusses on rebuilding strength, especially abdominal and pelvic floor, and creating a special space where mother and baby can bond. 


Prior yoga experience not necessary.




I’ve not only found the practice of pregnancy yoga to have a very calming effect on myself and my life in general, the snippets of information that are shared amongst the class, have helped me to feel more empowered as a mother to be.



As a newcomer to yoga I was unsure of what to expect – I was happy to find that I loved the pregnancy yoga class and couldn’t wait to get there each week!  Nancy is such a great teacher, who really made me feel comfortable and always took the time to attend to everybody in the class.


The strengthening and stretching benefits of the poses really helped in those last few weeks of pregnancy, and for me, the mental relaxation and breathing techniques we learnt were a great way to find a bit of “time out” and connection with myself and bub-to-be.  Not only did I find yoga beneficial during my pregnancy, I was able to use some of the breathing techniques during my labour, and this helped a lot with being able to achieve the natural drug free labour that I was aiming for.  I am now fully converted to yoga and couldn’t recommend this class more highly.



Since doing pregnancy yoga I have completely changed my idea of labour.  I have so many options for positions and I am not scared at all now… Nancy has also helped heaps with my back and hip pain…I was never into yoga or exercise before I fell pregnant.  Now I love it!



Thank goodness for pregnancy yoga.  Going along to Nancy’s class was the only way I could truly relax during my pregnancy.  The bonus was I actually got to do some exercise through my pregnancy.



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